Our commercial ewes average 28.5 micron. Ewes are always in demand.
Sound mouth ewes January 09 $67.

Sound mouth ewes. Sold Jan 08 $55 (L-R Nancy, Rick, Hugh and Graham)


Our Prime Lamb enterprise is based on Corriedales. Concentrating on the maternal side, as the stabiliser.

January 2009- sold 100 lms Mt Gambier saleyards for $132
June 2008-
We sold 210 Corriedale and Corriedale Cross lambs in the saleyards topping the sale at $142
Feb 2008- Pure Corriedale Lambs over the Hooks averaged 28.6kgs with a $12.45 skin value
December 2008- Sold 654 lms over the hooks av. $110
Dec 2007- We sold 1605 Corriedale cross lambs over the hooks to average $93.09


All lambs are sold over hooks which enables us to get feed back.
Average weight 24kgs. Fat score 3. Skin Value $18


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