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Welcome to Coora Corriedales

Our mission -
"To supply accurate and objectively described elite
Corriedale genetics."

Rams, Ram Semen from Coora’s Sires, Stud Ewes and Embryos available on request.

Rams 282 and 293 of 2008 1st prize winners of the class “ Interbreed Lambplan Maternal Class at the 2009 Hamilton Sheepvention for 2 rams under 1 ½ years suitable to produce.

1. Wether lambs with a minimum HSCW 22kgs, fat score 2-3 (6-15mm GR) at 8 months of age, and also have the potential to be finished for export markets to deliver carcass weights of 24 kg+, fat score 2-4 (6-20mm GR) at 10 months of age, and

2. Ewe lambs that when used as dams should be capable of producing 120% lambs, able to be marketed at 24 kgs+ at 8 months when joined to traditional terminal sires.

Rams 282 and 293 of 2008Coora also took out 2nd prize in this class of 7 teams from 4 studs (2 Border Leicester and 2 Corriedale) Coora entered the 3 production classes where Corriedales were eligible and came 1st & 2nd in the 3.


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